5 Ways to Deal with Difficult People during Meetings

It’s inevitable that at some point in our career we will be working with someone we don’t like… the sort of person you just can’t imagine becoming chummy with… EVER.

The sad reality is that you have to work with them; and if you can’t manage the more challenging relationships, this could have a negative impact on your career in the long run.

You don’t need to continue giving them the cold shoulder. Here are some better ways to deal with the situation – whether you like it or not!

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#1 Identify the frustration
The first step to solving your problem is to establish why this person frustrates you. Identify their nasty traits and then figure out how to work with them. Don’t forget that you should also dig deep within yourself; it might just be you who brings out the worst in this person. If they are just naturally obnoxious, try to accept that that’s who they are.

#2 Shut down the bully
Bullying is not just a ‘kiddie’ thing – it continues to thrive in adult life. Bullies will make you feel intimidated, undermined and insulted during meetings and at work… and it must stop. Here’s how you shut them down:

Enough is enough
Set limits, especially if the office bully is already making your life a misery. Confront them in a way that will not appear unethically aggressive or immature. Stay classy and make them feel guilty for their childish behaviour.

Rest your case and let HR handle it
If the office bully is impervious to your mild and civil ways, it is time to get the Human Resources department involved. The office is simply not the place for immature people with unruly behaviour and a bad attitude.

#3 Lift up the depressed
Maybe this person you find difficult to get along with doesn’t have a bad attitude at all. Perhaps they just seem like they are wallowing in negativity all the time and this annoys you because it reflects on their behaviour in meetings – lifeless and totally unproductive.

Try to sincerely lift their spirits if you can.

#4 Just face them once and for all
Sometimes, the only way to solve your problems is to confront them… but don’t go hurtling yourself at them! Remember that you are in the workplace and you must be civil at all times. Try to get everything off your chest so you can breathe easy afterwards. This might just be what you need to clear the air or settle the conflict between you!

#5 Work well with others
There are various reasons for disliking a co-worker; it could be because of pure personal annoyance or unacceptable work-related habits, ethics and performance. At the end of the day, you all work under one roof and teamwork is required to complete the business objectives!

Learn to work around the problem as a team. Effective relationships mean success and peace in the workplace!

Dealing with people you don’t like is no laughing matter; but you have to learn to work with them. Calming down and focusing on the task at hand will help make the frustrations go away. You never know, maybe all you need is a relaxing meeting room in London so that you can deal with everyone in a calm and professional environment.

Posted by Julie Tucker

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