5 ways to make meetings more festive

End of year meetings don’t have to be all work and no play – add a festive sparkle with these simple ideas…

The days and weeks running up to Christmas can see our concentration and focus levels fading as we have one eye on December 24th.

For those organising meetings at this time, they’re fighting an uphill battle to keep everyone’s attention.

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As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them and embrace the festive spirit, while also making the most of your meeting…

Offer fun awards
It’s the festive period so why not offer a few fun awards for your hard working team.

They don’t have to be serious, but it’s always nice to be recognised, even if it’s just for something like making the best cup of tea or wearing the best socks in the office.

Take nominations before the meeting and provide little certificates or actual prizes like chocolates or bottles of wine.

Include a quiz
Keep everyone on their toes and focussed during the meeting with a quiz. It’ll also add a bit of fun to the event.

You could dot questions throughout the meeting or provide some at the beginning with the answers provided throughout.

Try making the questions about the business but keep it light. Things like which client said what, or in which folder on the network is the expenses sheet kept.

Encourage festive dress
It’s becoming a tradition in offices throughout the country to don a Christmas jumper. You could do this for fun or as part of a charity event.

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Save the Children run its Christmas Jumper Day on December 16. All you need to do is wear a jumper and donate to charity.

But you don’t need to stop at jumpers – why not have a festive fancy-dress day or a silly Santa hat meeting?

Supply Christmas food and drink
Christmas is a time to be generous – so ditch the standard soggy sandwiches and weak tea and bring in some festive treats.

It could be a plate of chocolates to complement your usual meeting snacks or you could offer a full range of festive themed foods from turkey sandwiches to warm spiced apple drinks.

Bring a tree
It wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree. So why not have one in your meeting room?

Start the meeting 15 minutes early and invite your team in to help decorate it. Stick on the Christmas tunes and let everyone have a go.

Not only is it fun but it’s also a team building exercise – will they decide on a single theme or will they all just throw tinsel at the tree until you can’t see any greenery?

Posted by Queen of Christmas – Ciara Kelly

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