INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Tips to Becoming a Better Manager in 2017

6 Tips to Becoming a Better Manager in 2017

Your New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be limited to being healthier, wiser on finances or anything with regards to personal improvement. While these goals can help you to mature as a person, part of growing up is to become a better leader – especially at work.

Be a new man/woman in the eyes of your subordinates by practicing these tips:

Tip #1: Look back then move on
Decide whether you were a successful leader or not last year; use this year as your chance to do better. Gather feedback from your team and prepare yourself for the new challenges ahead!

Tip #2: Lead by example
This has to be the oldest rule in the book to becoming a good leader but it is worth mentioning it again anyway – behave, work and act as you would want your colleagues to.

Tip #3: Stop blaming others
It’s time to stop pointing fingers! Even if your employees did make some mistakes, don’t drop the bomb on them. Try to ease their stress and they will more likely take responsibility for their own shortcomings.

Tip #4: Invest in people and things that matter
Know where your organisation’s strengths are – especially if it is the people who work there! Invest in the right tools, training and motivation so that everyone can better themselves and be more productive.

Tip #5: Respect and love goes hand-in-hand
You can be an effective leader by being respected and adored at the same time. You just have to strike the perfect balance between making tough decisions to secure important tasks and being humane enough to be reached by the people around you.

Tip #6: Success is a “WE” thing
Out of all the previous tips, it is most important to include the people you govern to make it work… team work! Your success as a manager lies within your employees’ happiness, engagement and performance.

The best thing about being a better manager is that will benefit you, those you lead and the organisation as a whole. Start the year on the right foot by calling us now on 0800 073 0449 and showcase your new qualities in our prestigious meeting rooms in London… you’ll certainly make a good impression!


Posted by Sara Cano


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