6 ways to make a conference break more interesting

Guests at day-long events need their breaks. But have something a little more interesting than coffee to keep the creative juices flowing…

Enthusiasm can flag at conferences if attendees don’t get enough time to relax between sessions. But while tea and coffee are a great go-to, trying something a little more imaginative can actually boost participant engagement and re-energise attendees for the next leg of the day.

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Here are a few ideas to try at your next event.

1. Hands-on activities
Give your guests a craft-making challenge like knitting or origami. If you have a longer break, plan a scavenger hunt to encourage team-building and networking, and to keep minds engaged. Make sure to have a few prizes to keep people motivated.

2. Cooking classes
Food can make or break your day. Offering attendees the chance to learn something and come away with a delicious meal can positively influence their mood.

Plus, cooking is a great way to de-stress and it gets people talking to each other. Try sushi-making classes or team cooking where everyone has a different role to play in preparing the meal.

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3. Wellness sessions
Offer people the chance to unwind with a spot of meditation. Meditation increases concentration and attention span, so participants can focus on the things that matter – like the next important meeting at the event.

4. Themed coffee breaks
Immerse your guests in a whole new world with a themed break. Whether guests are attending the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Wonderland or find themselves navigating through a jungle to get to the coffee machine, themed breaks surprise guests and will wake them up after hours of concentration.

5.Fun and fitness
A jam-packed conference can take its toll on participants. Revive your guest by offering them light exercise in the breaks. Exercising increases blood flow to the muscles and pumps oxygen to the brain, revitalising people and getting them ready to engage.

6. Live entertainment
A circus act or a musical performance – even if it’s just someone with their guitar – during a break will get guests talking and make your conference one to remember. Or you could take it a step further with some live magic or even a stand-up comic to give everyone a giggle.


Posted by Ashleigh Sharp


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