7 Best Manager Qualities and How to Use Them

The success of a business project relies on every single team member and not just the manager but no matter how vital everyone’s role might be, the team members need someone to look up to – to guide, instruct and motivate them until the objectives are accomplished.

To be a reliable and resourceful manager that rallies his subordinates to success, you must demonstrate the following characteristics:

A great project manager encourages the team to work together and guides them every step of the way. With this, the team is empowered to deliver quicker results more efficiently.

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A good manager will always see the end-goal of a project and plan the team’s approach. Planning is an important activity to do with the rest of the team; as it will anticipate how things such as time, budget, people and actions will be managed and measured.

Everyone can put their creativity to work as early as the planning stage. A manager can help bring out each individual team member’s natural talents and offer intuitive insights to benefit the outcome of the plan.

Attention to detail
A manager who pays attention to the finer details makes sure that nothing goes overlooked. This allows the team to deal with issues that may delay the project’s progress. Once the objective has been accomplished, the manager may reward team members for all their efforts.

Whenever the situation calls for it, the manager must be quick on his feet to solve problems with a never-give-up attitude and reliable back-up resources. He can always ask the team’s help to find these resources in time of need.

A great manager must be able to respect the opinions of others, even if he doesn’t totally agree with them. This does not make him weak or a pushover; it simply means that he values their viewpoint. Aside from people, the manager must also be adaptable to whatever circumstances come his way.

A good manager knows how to appoint the right person for the right job. Even if the team is pressed for time, the manager must be able to make the team do their specific assignments efficiently. The task will be done quicker if everyone contributes.

Tips for using these qualities:

Micro management
Ensure that no detail is overlooked and know exactly what tasks are currently being worked on.

Always ‘never enough’
Sometimes it is good to be ‘greedy’ when it comes to getting the job done. Encourage the team to continue to strive for more and don’t let them settle for mediocrity on projects.

Take precise and calculated steps to complete a project or to accomplish a goal. Make sure that each team member has a vital role in the project.

Be a mentor
Provide all the answers and offer great wisdom to team members on project-related, career-related and even on personal concerns.

Everyone will breeze through projects and tasks when they have a project manager who possesses the right characteristics to lead them to success. Get off on the right foot and impress your team members with your good leadership qualities in our special meeting rooms in London! Call 0800 073 0499 to book a venue with us.

Posted by Sara Cano


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