7 boardroom design considerations

The design of a boardroom is an important aspect of an office. It should have a complete system that is updated and functional.

Here are some things to consider when designing your boardroom:

1. Information technology (IT) infrastructure

• There should be wireless internet access that is easy to connect with.
• If a boardroom style meeting room has a 24-seat table, there should be power and data access for all 24 seats.
• There should be decent mobile coverage.

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2. High quality display systems

• The entire audience should be able to see at least 12-point fonts from where they are seated.
• The displays should also be capable of handling a minimum resolution of 1920 X 1080 (high definition or HD).

3. Presentation capabilities

• There should be several built-in captive cables for use in video presentations during meetings.
• Each connection should provide a VGA connector, a small “headphone style” audio connection and an HDMI connection for digital video.

4. Lighting

• Make sure that lights are dimmable, either manually or through automation.
• Lighting should strike VTC (Video Teleconferencing) participant faces at 45 degrees, which is typically referred to as “key light.”

5. Acoustics

• Your boardroom must have acoustic ceilings, carpets and wall cladding to reduce echo or reverberation of sound.

6. Videoconferencing

• A boardroom style meeting space should feature an HD videoconferencing system.
• The boardroom design has to accommodate wiring and connections for video conferencing including cameras, AV systems and high speed Internet.

7. Control system

• All of the aforementioned systems need to be controlled.
• The control system should allow you to dial for teleconferencing, control the videoconferencing system, select which laptop connection gets displayed, control volume, allow remote assistance and maintenance and turn the system power on or off.

If you’ve covered all these angles, then you are in for an incredible boardroom experience.

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