INFOGRAPHIC: 7 ways to expertly handle a team performance meeting

When team leaders address concerns regarding the team’s evaluation, it is most likely due to poor or negative performance – it would be cause for celebration if it was all good news!

Here are some guidelines to help you perform this arduous task:

 7 Ways to Expertly Handle a Team Performance Meeting

Address your concerns
Help your team to understand the implications of their performance issues and the ramifications for the whole business – team members need to learn that their shortcomings don’t only affect their individual metrics. When addressing them, point out in detail where they are lacking and which areas need improvement.

Share your observations
Discuss individual and team behaviours that were actually ‘witnessed.’ Be careful when stipulating discrepancies that ‘someone told’ you about. Be specific about the things that you did not like about these behaviours or performance failures and prepare a solid plan for improvement.

Explain your expectations
Once they have realised and repented their ‘sins,’ discuss the team’s performance standards and how employees can realistically improve upon them.

As the team leader, once you have relayed your expectations and standards, allow employees to share their thoughts on how they can fix the situation. It is all about give and take – the team needs all the help it can get from everyone to improve the overall performance.

The consequences
As a good leader, you don’t want to scare off your team with the consequences should they not resolve a situation. Do not enforce leadership through fear; instead, encourage them to do their jobs by simply making them aware of the implications to the organisation if matters aren’t resolved.

Express your confidence in the team and trust them to deliver. Tell them that you believe they can improve and that as the leader, you will guide them along the way.

Remember, the purpose of team performance meetings is to help employees to change their behaviour and to motivate them to do their jobs well. Gather your team in the finest meeting room in London and see how our prestigious venues can have an immediate effect on their performance. Please call 0800 073 0499 for more details.

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