8 points to remember when working with the creatives

The ‘creatives’ always have a special place in the organisation, as they drive new ideas and suggest different approaches to projects and other work-related tasks – therefore, you cannot lead a meeting intended only for the ‘normal’ employee!

Although the creatives don’t necessarily require special attention, you might need a specific approach to unleash their maximum potential.

Keep your team’s creative juices flowing with these reminders:

Just tell them what to do…
…and the creatives will do the rest. For people who are overflowing with ideas, finding ways to attack a certain task will come naturally.

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More stimulus, more input / output
During the meeting, keep asking questions that inspire or ignite their artistic fires – or anything that naturally allows them to contribute and share new ideas.

Consider their input
The creatives do not always expect to be heard or favoured during meetings but leaders can consider one or two ideas when they start providing their input. If you have no intention of using their input, then it is better to not even bother asking them in the first place.

Each creation has a special meaning
Like an artist to his masterpiece, the creatives are emotionally attached to every work project or task that they take on. If you decide not to use their project, then sympathetically explain the reasons behind your decision.

Give them reasonable deadlines
Depending on how quick or deliberate your creative team member can deliver, give them reasonable resources that allow them to concentrate firmly on their project.

They just want to be appreciated
Nothing brings as much joy to creatives as when their work gets appreciated. More than monetary rewards, it is your acknowledgments and compliments that further encourage them to create and contribute even more.

Do not cage their free mind
Creative employees tend to be easily bored when they are put in the same repetitive routine. Let different tasks and new challenges become their blank canvas to create business works of art!

Provide the necessary tools
With the proper tools and a dynamic environment, creative employees can surely unleash their inner best. They can also start projects from scratch but the process will be so much more convenient if you provide them with the things they need to complete a task.

Has your organisation embraced the creativity in you? If you have creative team members, have you realised their maximum potential? These guidelines will surely help you to lead creative people in the workplace and even during meetings.

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Posted by Sara Cano


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