9 ways to show your worth at work

There are a LOT of aspiring candidates who swarm the recruitment doors of human resources during the first quarter of the year. This can be due to people wanting to start their careers anew in the New Year but for you, who is sitting comfortably at your desk, are you 100% certain that your job is secure?

Although there is no job that is completely safe, whatever your status, here are some ways that you can show the boss and your colleagues that you are totally indispensable both at work and in the meeting room!

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Take the road less taken
Find projects and tasks that employees in the office do not normally take on – especially those that matter most to the company’s success. If the upper management permits you to go for it, do your best to complete the project, no matter how hard it is.

Be a one-trick pony
If you are a one-trick pony then be the best one trick pony there is and make sure that no one in the office can do it better than you. This will make you the go-to-person in times of dire need. One of the best ways to highlight your skills is by showing them off in meetings!

Go beyond expectations
Surprise your bosses and colleagues by doing more than is expected of you. Go that extra mile and execute your tasks far beyond your peers, add some new ideas and volunteer for more tasks along the way.

Make everyone’s life easier
…but do not let your colleagues abuse you. Always be looking for new ways to help your boss and colleagues with their tasks and they will definitely appreciate your worth!

Master a skill beyond your position
Find new skills, languages and functions that are not normally required within your position. This gives you the chance to rise to new and different challenges in the office where only you can excel.

This is a job, not an arms race
Sometimes, the more you hasten to finish a certain task, the more screwed up it ends up being. Instead, focus and think how you can improve the quality of your work. Invest your energies and resources to complete a task beautifully in the most reasonable time possible.

Be the point person for valuable connections
Being a trusted and sole advisor to the company’s biggest customers and connections can solidify your stand as an indispensable asset of the company. Learn how to maintain and build up these relationships over time and you will surely reap rewards – for the company and for your personal development.

Be a happy worker
There is no faking this one but if you truly enjoy your job, let it emanate by infecting everyone with your positive energy! It will make the office a better place to work and your colleagues will love working around you all the time!

Be reliable and trustworthy
These traits far outlast your expertise, skills, capabilities and credentials! Managers and leaders can get more out of a person who is 100% reliable and trustworthy all the time.

Showing how worth it you are at work means that people will always have high expectations of you. It is up to you how you stay unbent under pressure! Keep your career strong and show ‘um what you are made of in the most inspiring meeting room in London! Call 0800 073 0499 to book with us now.

Posted by Sara Cano


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