Are tech-free meetings more productive?

With technology providing distractions in every area of our lives, we consider whether holding tech-free meetings is the way forward

A recent study found 76% of employees feel checking emails or texts during a business meeting is unacceptable. But despite this many people remain glued to their phones or laptops. Isn’t it time to remove these distractions?

Casual Tech-Free Meeting

A new firm is trying to encourage people to park their phones at the door with a Mobile Parking Lot – a simple tool encouraging workers to focus on faces not phones.

Here are 4 reasons why tech-free meetings can help you be more productive.

1. Fewer distractions
Constant emails, the temptation to check Facebook or simply the knowledge that you could be getting on with other work – these are all removed once you take phones and laptops out of the equation.

The lack of mobiles or laptops also removes distractions for others, who might find it hard to pay attention if you are seemingly doing other work.

2. More focus
Once the little screens are gone, people have to give their full attention to whoever is speaking.

It might not seem like much, but if you’ve got a screen in front of you that’s where you’ll be focussing.

Removing screens means you’ll be able to see the speaker’s facial expressions, while others in the meeting will know you’re paying attention.

While you may well have been taking notes on your tablet or laptop, to others it could seem like you’re working on something else.

3. Take notes
It’s time to return to pen and paper. Studies have found people who use a pad and pen to take notes retain more information than those on a laptop.

Woman Making notes in a Booklet

As few of us can take down everything that is being said by hand, we’re forced to select key phrases or ideas. This makes us analyse what is being said as we go.

4. No crashes
While your pen might run out of ink, or your pencil could snap, you’ll have a quick replacement to hand.

If your computer goes down you could easily spend 10 minutes trying to boot it back up, in which time you’ll have either missed valuable information or forced the meeting to run late as everyone waits for you.


Posted by Ashleigh Sharp


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