The basic essentials for a meeting attendee

The success of a meeting should not fall solely on the facilitator’s shoulders. As an employee, you have an active role to play in making sure that every meeting is both efficient and productive.

We’ve listed some of the essential skills and preparations that you will need to consider when you attend your next meeting:

Good Communication

Every employee must be well-versed in basic grammar and sentence construction, both written and verbal. It pays to be able to express yourself well during meetings so that you can get your point across.

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Computer literacy
Leaders and participants expect everyone to be tech-savvy and able to handle information delivered through laptops, projectors, videos and PowerPoint presentations. Make sure that you are familiar with these electronic tools so you can keep up with the technological pace during the meeting.

A key component to effective communication and teamwork, empathy is important so that you can see and feel where the presenter or other participants are coming from. You can also minimise disagreements and oppositions when you are able to understand the thoughts and feelings of every participant.

Never let a meeting finish without acquiring some valuable takeaways, something which may have been discussed or observed. Meetings can be a vital source of new realisations, skills, experiences and ideas. EVERYONE in the meeting, including the leaders and supervisors should be open to learning.

Crunching numbers
…but not on rocket-science formula levels! Being efficient in basic maths will do wonders for everybody in the meeting. It’s important to be able to analyse the numbers that matter for the business – such as supplies, demands, investments and revenue.

Problem solving

Everyone can benefit in a meeting when you can solve complex problems that require critical thinking and good problem solving skills – this helps the meeting to address issues and reach viable solutions.

Everything feels right when there is an efficient plan to follow. It can help everyone to stay on track, while managing their other important tasks. Whether you are the facilitator or a participant, sharing a list of to-dos, minutes of the meeting and documentation can help to keep the meeting smooth flowing!

All meeting participants appreciate someone who is reliable when it comes to much needed information. It is always good to have information and data to hand or at least to have the resources to look up anything quickly.


You must be bored of hearing quote variations of, ‘no man is an island’ but it will always hold true in whatever function we do – especially during meetings. The success of a meeting doesn’t rely solely on once single person; it involves everyone included in the discussion…

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Posted by Sara Cano


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