6 tips on how to efficiently deliver bad news in meetings

Meetings are not always about discussing business strategies, forecasts and team achievements. There are days when meeting attendees have to brace themselves for bad news.

Dropping a bomb shell is never an easy task, so we’re going to share our tips on how to deliver bad news like a boss – a good and compassionate one at that!

Prepare them
To numb the blow, you should prepare everyone at the beginning of the meeting. Surprises are nice when they are pleasant but not so when it is bad news.

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Be direct and to the point
Don’t sugar coat it. Participants can often see right through you! Give it to them straight. Keep your message short and simple so that everyone can understand the implications of what you are saying.

Explain briefly
Of course, you will be expected to offer an explanation. Elaborate on what has happened but put it into a few truthful sentences.

Deliver bad news in a way that the audience will receive it well. Think about how you would think or feel if you were in their shoes.

Adjust your tone and gestures so that you convey empathy and understanding. Any kind of news should be delivered with class and finesse. Make a sincere effort to understand your audience’s feelings; but do not overdo it to avoid coming across to your subordinates as being too lenient.

Keep solutions handy
When delivering bad news, make sure that you have alternative solutions ready for action. This will help you to address any bad situations with a problem-solving approach.

It is only bad news if there are no qualified solutions!

Timing is everything
Learn to deliver bad news at the most appropriate time. If it is crunch time and the atmosphere is already stressful in the office, you might want to delay calling the meeting tomorrow – but do not delay for too long if it is urgent!

Speak to all parties concerned and deliver the bad news when everyone has the capacity to effectively act upon the problems at hand.

Bad news is inevitable every once in a while. You must expect that your meeting participants are not going to like what you have to say but being the bearer of bad news does not necessarily mean you will lose their respect so don’t sweat it.

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