How to Handle Bad Results in Meetings

Not every employee handles bad results in the same way: some may blame themselves, succumbing to the thought of failure, while others will appear unaffected or they might even resort to apathy.

If you want to walk the path to recovery and come back fighting, carry on with your head held high – with the help of the following tips:

Sweat it out
Naturally, when the team receives a hard blow during a meeting, most will take this badly. So, exercise in the gym, go for a run or do any physical activity that will help you let off steam – it will make you feel better… and healthier!

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Write your worries away
If it’s not too rude to bring out your notes in the middle of the meeting while the bad results are being discussed, write down the issues that led to the failure. Aside from being therapeutic, this will help you and your team to be more organised and systematic.

Come open-discussion time, provide some input based on the things that you have written down.

Vent out
After the bad news, when statistics and outcomes have been laid out, allow everyone to voice any negative reactions. When team members talk freely about the situation, all that negativity will start to wane. This also serves as a breather during the meeting.

De-load on tasks
Do not expect that everyone will be eager to get back to work right away, especially if the recent project failure is too overwhelming. Learn to start small and slow – it is always a gradual process. Allow the team to recuperate from the damage and let them bide their time with small and practical tasks that will help them to recoup.

All about improvement
The whole team deserves a rest – but don’t take too long though. During the meeting, try to create a solid plan so that the situation doesn’t arise again.

Just look how far you’ve come
If the recent blow is just too hard to take, it is important to look back and remember how the team has managed to trudge through any previous shortcomings. Take note of the past achievements, too – trace back the steps you took before and make that a pattern for the next team project.

It’s part of growing up
These are just trying times for the team or the company but you can surely get back up. Build a growth mindset together so that the team can be more resilient and goal-driven in the future.

Stay positive
During the good times at work or in any meeting session, build ‘possibility’ as a habit. This will help employees to look on the brighter side of things, even in the face of adversity. Bad news and results won’t seem so bad if everyone remains positive.

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