How an event space can benefit your business

Have you ever considered how hiring an event space might benefit your business? If the answer is “no”, it could well be time to give it some thought.

Considering most employees spend around 40 hours a week or more at the office, chances are they won’t want to stay even longer to attend an out-of-hours corporate event. In all probability, most managers would prefer not to either.

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This is a key reason why a corporate event is likely to be more successful if you hold it at a suitable venue, away from the regular workplace.

There are plenty of reasons why a designated venue can make any event more enjoyable and productive whether it’s a conference, a charity event, networking, a product launch or a photo shoot. Oh, and don’t make the mistake of thinking only big corporate businesses can hire an event space: SMEs can also reap the rewards by booking a venue appropriate to their requirements.

Every year, 13 million business events are held across the UK. While the industry took a bit of a knock during Covid, it’s now getting back to full strength. Around 35% of Britain’s visitor economy is generated by the events industry and London is the number one city for events activities and meetings outside the regular workplace.

So, what are the main reasons for renting a venue for your next corporate event?

Fewer distractions

Most offices aren’t quiet places: you’ve usually got to cope with phones ringing and the buzz of equipment, not to mention employees rushing about. The average workplace isn’t ideal for holding an event or meeting because it’s full of distractions. Colleagues are more likely to pop into an office where a meeting is being held if they need to ask something they consider to be urgent.

A purpose-built venue provides a calmer environment where delegates can take a break from the daily rush. There’s far less likelihood interruptions when you’re away from the workplace. Providing the opportunity for tranquillity will leave employees feeling more refreshed, with improved morale, when they return to the office later.

Access the best amenities

The average office won’t have the same amenities as an event space. While the boardroom and in-house catering might be okay for an average meeting, why scrimp on luxuries that will take your corporate event to the next level?

The best presentation equipment will make a massive difference, while extras such as professional catering and a top location will present a more professional image to delegates.

Choose the perfect venue size

If you’re organising a larger event, your office probably won’t have sufficient space for everyone to sit down, spread out, dine and network comfortably. Unless you’re hosting quite a small event, you may find your office is sadly lacking.

A professional venue can accommodate almost any size of corporate event, from a private meeting to a presentation or conference.

Impress clients

When you’re aiming to impress clients, a well-organised gathering in an aesthetically pleasing venue is an absolute must. Attendees know when their host has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make the event especially memorable and successful. This action will be appreciated.

An event space is designed to create the perfect environment for everything from a lavish gala to a modern conference with the latest tech.

Going all out for success with your next corporate event will impress employees as much as anyone else. It can boost morale and make everyone feel like they work for a company whose management go the extra mile to show their appreciation.

Research has shown only one-third of employees say they feel recognised and appreciated at work. Showing your all-important staff that they matter by organising an enjoyable, professional event will keep them more engaged, making them less likely to look for work elsewhere.

Let’s work together to organise your next corporate event: &Meetings has a wide selection of professional venues at some of the UK’s top locations – so, something to suit a wide range of events!

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