INFOGRAPHIC: How to ace your final interview: The dos and don’ts

That dream job is within touching distance – you just have the final interview to go.

It’s your last chance to blow the other candidates out of the water, how do you make yourself stand out?

How to ace your final interview: The dos and don'ts

Take note of the following dos and don’ts and there’s a good chance that job could be yours:


– Come as if you are still in the initial interview
Keeping you on your toes, this will help you to retain focus. It can also help you to come across as though you genuinely want the job – which is a good thing.

– Look back on past unsuccessful interviews
You can analyse the points where you can improve.

– Dress to impress
Grooming is essential. First impressions count and although a book should not be judged by its cover, a smart appearance indicates that you have turned up with the right attitude.

– Build rapport
Show interest in the position you are applying for by probing into detail. You can also smile or share a laugh during the conversation – humour is a great way to break the ice in a good many situations.


✗ Assume you already have the job
It is not a done deal; so, don’t be too sure of yourself. Don’t let your guard down and make sure you present yourself as someone who deserves the post!

✗ Come unprepared
Try to review your previous interviews or stages you have already been through. Attention to detail is vital so try to remember important topics from previous conversations.

✗ Look and sound shy
Be confident in expressing yourself – brag a little about your skills but don’t go overboard. Studies have shown that candidates who demonstrate narcissism end up being rated more favourably.

✗ Discredit yourself
Always acknowledge your weaknesses and prove that you are taking the necessary steps to improve on them.

All the good tips in the world will only help if you know how to handle yourself. Keep everything in perspective, focus on your strengths and put your best foot forward! For meeting rooms in London that bring out the best in every candidate, phone us on 0800 073 0499!

Posted by Sara Cano

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