INFOGRAPHIC: A Step-by-step Guide on How to Refocus Your Employees

Whether your team members have plunged into the abyss of failure or if they are just paddling around in a lukewarm performance, it’s a leader’s responsibility to rescue them


A Step-by-step Guide on How to Refocus Your Employees

Start taking action today and recalibrate your goals with the help of this simple guide:

Step 1: Observe
On a normal routine day at the office or during a meeting, observe the team’s current level of performance.

Step 2: Enquire
Share your observations regarding the team’s performance and ask if anyone needs any kind of help to improve on their daily tasks.

Step 3: Review
In the same way you might conduct a ‘year-in-review,’ let the whole team look back at their own performance, tasks and actions to see what is causing the setbacks. Take note and list the solutions that work and the ones that don’t.

Step 4: Listen
Listen and actually hear what each team member has to say to improve the team, project or organisation’s current status.

Step 5: Visual markers
Draw visual graphics, illustrations and other figures that can help map out the direction or details of the team’s plan.

Step 6: Acceptance
Help everyone to acknowledge and accept that a team problem exists and that it needs a team effort to make it right.

Step 7: External help
It is also a good idea to observe from a different perspective – that could be from the eyes of non-team members. Ask for their opinion or advice. They might just offer some valuable input that will help the team to improve.

Step 8: Replace…
…if necessary. Sometimes, when an employee just does not want to contribute anymore, he must be replaced to avoid dragging the whole team down.

Step 9: Mix it up
If experimentation is possible without sacrificing valuable time and resource, let your team members switch assignments and designations. It can help produce even better outcomes for the project.

Step 10: Ready, get set, go!
When all the knots have been straightened out; set the team’s goals and responsibilities and let them get on with their tasks.

Step 11: Beyond expectations
If a leader effectively prepares his team for the challenges ahead, it should come as no surprise when he reaps the rewards!

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Posted by Sara Cano


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