Impressing Your Client in a Meeting

The biggest goal of every businessman is to impress potential clients and get them to agree to a partnership or investment. If you are freelancing or starting a business, here are some tips you can follow to impress your audience.

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Building the Business Trust

This is one of the key points to establish when dealing with clients; make them trust you. Here are several ways to achieve this:

  • Do your homework. To begin with, be precise about the purpose of the meeting; you should have an idea about what’s going to happen. Realise the expectations of your clients; someone who knows what they are doing and who is prepared to answer unexpected questions about the business will surely gain respect and trust.
  • Do not neglect the physical venue of your meeting. This will always be a factor to build trust. Meetings can be held in your office building or you could book to rent a meeting room in London. Make sure that the venue is neat, professionally presented and comfortable. It should also reflect your business commitment.
  • Be physically presentable. Aside from the place, you should be physically presentable when meeting a client. Do not overdress—not too fancy nor too casual. Dressing appropriately also indicates that you are approaching the meeting with seriousness and professionalism.

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Make them Believe

In meetings that aim to secure a partnership or to extend a deal, you have to make the client believe in your proposal.

  • It takes more than words for them to believe. A large percentage of the ‘believing part’ comes not only from the facts but also from your confidence in your own proposal. Your body language and the way you speak will give your audience a real feel for the credibility of your products or services.

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Establish a Connection

Sometimes, meeting organisers tend to feed the clients with all the information that they need to discuss, without letting them speak or share their opinions. Communication is a two-way process and connecting with the clients during the meeting is vital to ensure a harmonious corporate relationship.

  • Search for common ground. Clients will always want to know what you can offer. Do you know your client’s problems? Are you capable of solving them? Afford the time to understand your client’s needs.
  • Awkward moments will always be there. Not all clients are able to connect with you in an instant. This is where you will be required to make an extra effort to gain their trust.
  • Ask for their opinion and listen to them. Good communication and a connection is a two-way process. Let them do their part. Don’t just talk to them; connect and interact.

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Organise Everything

Whatever you say to the client, always make sure that your thoughts are organised and methodical. Do not discuss unnecessary topics that will cause the meeting to last for hours. Your clients may recognise that you are prolonging a meeting that could actually be finished within a short period of discussion.

A meeting with a client can make or break a deal. Always come prepared in all aspects but possibly more importantly, trust and believe in yourself and your business.


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