INFOGRAPHIC: Desk-ercise. 5 simple exercises you can do in meetings

Desk-ercise: 5 simple exercises you can do in meetings

While most corporate meetings mean sitting in boardrooms and listening to the speaker for long hours, that doesn’t necessarily imply that all meetings should be motionless and boring. Try incorporating simple activities, like light movements, which can keep your meetings lively from start to finish!

To keep the action going, here are some desk-ercises which you can try:

The Nape Shaper
Good for: Neck
• Put your hands on your head while sitting up straight. Gently press your palms onto your forehead and resist motion by engaging your neck muscles.
• Next, place your hands at the back of your head and push your head backwards – opposite to the motion of your hands. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat the routine five times.

The Cubicle Dip
Good for: Shoulders and Arms
• With the aid of a static chair; sit at the utmost edge and place your hands by the side of your body while holding firmly onto the chair’s edges.
• Lift your body while your arms are straightened. Bend your arms at a 90-degree angle to bring your body back down, hold and straighten again. Perform up to 10 reps.

The Fab Abs Squeeze
Good for: Core Body
• Take a deep breath, then tighten your abdominal muscles as you exhale.
• Keep them tensed for up to 10 seconds, then release. About 15 reps should do the trick!

The Seated Leg Raise
Good for: Legs
• An exercise that can be done in-between meetings, the seated leg raise involves straightening a leg in the air and holding it for five (or more) seconds.
• Slowly lower your leg back down without touching the floor. Repeat the exercise using your other leg.

The Twinkle Toe
Good for: Blood Circulation
• From a seated position, simply tap your toes quickly on the floor.

A fit and active lifestyle should still be practiced even during meetings! For interactive meeting rooms in London that encourage dynamic discussions, contact us on 0800 073 0499.

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