INFOGRAPHIC: A guide to the top business meeting etiquette

Meetings are a vital function in the corporate world –  for leaders and colleagues to exchange views and opinions to reach a beneficial solution. To establish respect from your colleagues, it is essential to exercise the proper etiquette during your meetings.

A guide to the top business meeting etiquette
Be Concise
It is always good to follow the triple ‘S’ when presenting information – make it short, sweet and simple. Share what you need to say in a few words and avoid repeating yourself or boring them with unnecessary information.
Initiate the handshake
Always give a firm handshake to establish sincerity –  look them in the eye when doing so. If you are the higher-ranking person, remember that you should always initiate the handshake.
Stand during introductions
Establish your presence by standing when you are introduced – the other meeting participants will then easily remember you.
Present a strong agenda
A compelling case can keep the attendees on the edge of their seats. Having a colleague who also knows the flow of the agenda can help keep you on track if you deviate.
Louden your voice
Be loud and clear as you present your meetings so that everyone can hear what you are saying.
Master the ‘unwritten speaking rules’
It is totally impolite to interrupt someone who is speaking but there are times when you must do so to make yourself heard. The key here is to strike the perfect timing and the right tone to avoid sounding rude.
Do not be the ‘last’ person
Don’t save all your questions for the end when everyone is just about to leave the meeting. Avoid getting yourself a reputation for being the ‘last person’ to ask unnecessary questions when everyone just wants to go.
Remember that applying good meeting etiquette is the precursor to effective business meetings. Find the most suitable meeting room in London to apply these meeting etiquette rules and you will surely get the respect and indeed the outcome that you deserve! Call &Meetings on 0800 073 0499 – we’ll take great care of you. 
Posted by Sara Cano

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