From Invisible to Invincible: 8 Confidence Boosters to Conquer Meetings

Spread your wings in our training rooms in London! Learn these 8 confidence booster tips for a more charismatic and visible presence in your next meeting.

In meetings, there is always that one person who is too shy to speak up – they are either socially challenged, an introvert or they just lack confidence in themselves. While there is actually nothing wrong with being a wallflower, the silent approach might put your capabilities under scrutiny – as it implies a lack of passion and competence.

Don’t let those genius ideas go to waste! Here are eight confidence boosters to help you shine and conquer in your next meeting:


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1. Preparation is key
Just like you would prepare for the ‘big game’ in any sport, the same goes for meetings – it takes a well-thought-out strategy to ace it. Before the meeting, think of all the potential questions that may be thrown at you; make sure that you have a full knowledge of the agenda and even the subject matter from the previous meeting to ensure you’re on the same page as your colleagues.

2. Come up with a plan
As an introvert, it may be difficult for you to join activities that involve introducing yourself to people you don’t know. Try to consider how you could build relationships with your colleagues beforehand – so that you can be comfortable and confident enough to open up.

3. Work on your voice
How you communicate says a lot about your image and branding. By simply modulating your voice to the right tone, this gives you the credibility to deliver an emotion – such as increasing the pitch of your voice when emphasising a word or toning it down when speaking ordinarily.

4. Throw smart questions out there
A confident person is not afraid to ask, knowing that by asking questions you get to learn something new. Rather than waiting for a question to pop into your mind, ask any questions that are related to the subject.

5. Make eye contact
While making eye contact sounds so easy to do, it actually poses a bit of a challenge for the shy and introvert. It will probably seem awkward at first but it’s a skill you can develop over time. Master it and see how it can earn you the importance, respect and confidence you deserve from your audience.

6. Honesty is an investment
A true professional is honest about what they know and don’t know – this gives them the confidence to admit that some things are beyond their capabilities. Instead of pretending to know everything (which can put you in a risky situation ), be humble and don’t be too shy to say, “I don’t know.”

7. Speak in quiet times
If you find yourself getting shy all of a sudden, involve yourself in whatever way you can in the discussion to let your colleagues feel your presence in the meeting. You can show some reactions or share some statements which you can explain further to re-engage.

8. Have faith in yourself
Often said as words of encouragement, having faith in oneself is not as simple as others might think. Always remember that you wouldn’t be where you are right now if it wasn’t for your skills and acumen.

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Posted by Sara Cano


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