How to make meetings the next box office hit

Out of all the meetings you have ever attended throughout your professional career, how many of them have left you feeling exhilarated?

Chances are, you have probably died a hundred times sitting through the tedium.

Many things can cause a bad meeting – ineffective leaders, uncooperative team members, poor planning, etc. While some things are out of your control, you can still break the monotony and reintroduce meaning to your meetings!

Like a hotly anticipated movie, the following tips will get you reeling everyone into your next meeting:

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Sell the Drama

A good story for a film lies in the weight of the conflict. The drama should be so heavy that it blows the mind of the viewers!

The same goes for meetings. Leaders should approach the pre-meeting stages rather like a director and screenwriter would in the films – sell the drama. When relaying the issues at hand prior to the meeting, employees should FEEL that the stakes are high.

Next time you request a meeting, beckon them in with the most compelling business issues at hand. Insist that everyone works around the issues until they reach a successful and happy ending!

Set the context

Just like in any movie, it is important to know the era, location and political status of where the story takes place. In meetings, leaders and attendees tend to get out of hand during discussions – often meandering of the main topic of conversation. This can leave everyone confused, frustrated and desperately trying to find the exit.

To maintain consistency, set the context through smaller meetings. Setting up distinct meetings spread out weekly, monthly and throughout the year can help tackle the important issues from a strategic standpoint. It can also avoid squeezing in any irrelevant or trivial issues – which usually make meetings long and boring!

Provide a sneak peak

Viewers get all excited when they are invited to take a glimpse of the movie’s climactic scenes. The same applies to business meetings – leaders must lure the attendees in on the ‘endgame’ of the meeting.

Make them privy to important information; this will make delegates more interested in identifying the objectives and make them want to be part of achieving the goals.

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