Meet our team: Sara Cano – &Meetings Director

In a new blog feature for &Meetings we meet our team and take an opportunity to get to know them a bit better with a little Q&A.

For our first candidate, it made sense to start with our &Meetings Director, Sara Cano.

Sara Cano

Question 1: How long have you worked for &Meetings?

It will be eight years in July.

Question 2: What does your role involve?

I oversee the running and selling of all the meeting rooms in our portfolio and all that entails! Luckily I have a great team that help me do it. 😊

Question 3: What meeting has had the most impact on your life?

Probably meeting my other half, Lee, he’s definitely changed my life and makes me strive to be a better person.

Sara Cano

Question 4: Who is the most famous person you’ve met?

I was having my nails done a few years ago and Emeli Sande sat next to me! We had a nice chat, she’s lovely and very down to earth.

Question 5: Tell us about your most unexpected meeting.

I ran into our Business Centre Admin Manager, Charlotte Cox, at JFK airport! She sits almost back-to-back with me in the office. What are the odds?

Question 6: Who is the most inspirational person you’ve met?

My dad. He left home when he was 11 to work in a city away from home, he only went to school until he was eight years old and yet he’s probably the most intelligent person I know and has written two books, one in Spanish and one in English! He moved to England when he was 19 and didn’t speak a word of English (he’s Spanish) but learnt to speak it perfectly just by working and living here for a couple of years, he doesn’t even have an accent! He also raised us as a single dad, so all in all, he’s a HERO!

Sara Cano

Question 7: If you could meet anyone, from the past or present, who would it be and why?

My paternal grandparents, they both passed before I was born so I would love to sit down and have a chat and hear all about my dad when he was a child.

Question 8: Why do you think in-person meetings are so important?

Body language and facial expressions are really important, they say that non-verbal cues make up 80% of our communication! I also think we are social beings and meeting in person enables a more natural interaction.

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