INFOGRAPHIC: Meeting rooms checklist: Things to look at when hiring a meeting room

Meeting rooms checklist: Things to look at When Hiring a Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are not just about the four corners of the room and the tables and chairs; essentials that make a meeting functional should also be considered. These usually include equipment and services that contribute to the overall running of the meeting.

Offsite venues do not necessarily cover these extra facilities, so the next time you plan to hire a meeting room, make sure you don’t overlook the following:

Wi-Fi Connection

Some presenters need an Internet connection to access their cloud storage or to stream videos online. Ask the hiring company as early as the booking process to check whether Wi-Fi is readily available.


Some meeting rooms include monitors and projectors that are there for you to use. Although you will sometimes find cables and adapters, this does not necessarily mean that they are a match to your device. Make sure you bring your own connectors.

Whiteboard and Markers

Considered as an essential, whiteboards still have their place in this technological world – they are always handy during discussions… and oh – don’t forget the markers!


Whatever the meeting is about, you don’t want to hold it in an untidy environment Bad housekeeping can ruin a first impression, especially if you are trying to win a potential client.


According to Warwick Conferences, catering is a contributing factor to the overall satisfaction of the attendees. If you plan to provide refreshments, make sure that the meeting room provider offers a catering service.

Break Area

For short breaks in between meetings, give them an area where they can chill out.


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