More than just meeting rooms: Get to know our other venue offers

We may be known primarily for our top-notch meeting rooms in London but we also provide a range of spaces applicable for various uses. From training sessions to large corporate events, our venues are flexible to accommodate the needs of our customers.

Take a look at the other venue alternatives that &Meetings is proud to offer:

Training Rooms
With training rooms that are purpose-built for coaching sessions, these are complete with the necessary equipment and can be arranged in the appropriate seating layout.

Colourful Modern Office with a Long Table

More about our training rooms:
• Day delegate rate package: Charged by the head, we have no fixed room rate to avoid unreasonable costs for training that only involves a few attendees.

• On-site teams: We can provide a helping hand for sessions that need manpower – we’re eager to make sure that your training session goes as planned.

• Bespoke setup and arrangement: If you have specific requirements in mind, such as layout requests and additional equipment, we are more than happy to fulfil your needs.

Video Conferencing Studios
Enjoy the full benefits of a meeting without having to gather all the employees together – this is a brilliant way to bring everyone together, saving time and business expenses too.

Shiny Small Wooden Table in Bright Wooden Room

More about our video conferencing studios:
• Latest IP-based video systems: We only offer the latest video systems to guarantee a smooth video conferencing experience.

• Price by the hour: You will only pay for the hours you actually need! Our studios start at £50 per hour.

Event / Conferencing Spaces
Spanning up to 5,000 square feet, &Meetings take pride in its large conference areas that can hold different kinds of events. We also have a set of events and conference packages for more convenient planning and to keep your budget intact.

Large Presentation Room with Several Rows of Chairs

More about our event and conferencing spaces:
Events team: Our dedicated team can work closely with you on the day of the event, extending a warm welcome to the delegates, assisting in their needs and taking care of the details—the success of you event matters to us.

• Catering options: Offering a range of catering options and refreshments that can be agreed beforehand, this will ensure that the delegates are energised throughout the event.

• Sound and presentation systems: No conference/event would be complete without the right equipment to start with! Our conferencing/event spaces are fully equipped with high quality systems and facilities to avoid technical errors and glitches.

Day Offices
For those unfinished tasks, we can accommodate your requirements with a convenient desk and free Wi-Fi service. Our day offices are the perfect environment to complete your work commitments.

Just like other business establishments, our day offices are conveniently located in major business districts. Giving easy access to transport links and shops, they are perfect for professionals who work remotely.

Businessman Working on a Laptop While Lifting his Drink

More about our day offices:
• Focused environment: To ensure that you escape those daily distractions, we guarantee a professional and focused environment that is equipped with an ergonomic desk and chair.

• Minimum of 4-hour hire: Hot desks are available for a minimum of 4 hours, up to an all-day hire option for maximised use of the day offices; prices start at £40 per day.

We are not just about meetings… we are a company that covers it all! Reserve now to get the best deals by giving us a call on 0800 073 0499.


Posted by Sara Cano


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