Why you need to bring in a specialist to your next meeting

Meetings sometimes need an outside influence to get the most out of the events. This is why you need to bring in a specialist on some occasions.

While your team might have a good spread of knowledge, and some will have specific areas they are expert in, bringing in an outside specialist to either sit in on or host a meeting could help bring a boost to your team and company.

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Here’s why…

Tackle specific problems
The main reason you might want to bring in a specialist is to tackle a specific problem you’re facing at your company that none of your staff as trained to deal with. This could be anything from complex IT issues to simple staff communication problems.

The specialist will not only help provide solutions, but also show your staff how they reached that solution so they can replicate it should it come up again.

It also saves on having to train up your team members to solve a problem that might only come up once or twice.

Offer unique advice
You don’t always need a problem to solve to bring an expert in. Sometimes, they could be brought in to your meetings to provide some unique advice.

Getting advice from someone who is a specialist in their field – no matter what their field is – is always useful as they will have worked hard to get to the top of their game.

The specialist will also have different ways of looking at things. By applying this experience to your company, they could offer something you’ve never thought about before.

Come up with new solutions
While having an expert tackle something they’re knowledgeable about sounds like the best use of their talents, sometimes bringing a specialist in to tackle a problem they have no experience in can be the best way to get to the answer.

This is because they can offer a fresh point of view and new solutions. Your team will have their own ways of tackling issues and facing problems and sometimes it’s hard to get past those.

Someone who has spent their time working in a different field won’t have these preconceptions of how to solve a problem and so could provide new ideas.

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Become a sounding board
A specialist doesn’t even need to be brought in for a problem. It could be that you feel their area of expertise is something your staff might be interested in learning more about, but who aren’t sure enough to invest in a training session.

If this is the case, bring in the specialist for a Q&A session. This would allow your staff to explore the topic and learn a bit about it.

And if any of them do show an interest, then you could connect them with the specialist or put them on a training course.


Posted by Sara Cano


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