INFOGRAPHIC: The professional’s mobile phone etiquette guide

Mobile phones do have a place in the workplace; they make professional lives much easier and more productive. The problem is, too much mobile phone use can disrupt the flow of a good business meeting.

We are going to share some ways in which you can strike the perfect balance between mobile phone use and business manners:
The professional’s mobile phone etiquette guide
Rule #1: Give your full attention to the speaker
Don’t just whip up your phone when you’re in a meeting; chances are, the speaker can see your every single movement, no matter where you are sitting. Imagine exchanging places with them: how would it make you feel if someone was constantly checking their mobile?
Rule #2: Do Not Hide in Plain Sight
Turning a phone to silent mode won’t suffice if you insist on checking your social media, emails and other notifications during the meeting. Even if you hide your phone under the table, the speaker and the people around you will notice! This sends a signal that your phone is more interesting than the company you are keeping.
Rule #3: Have a professional ring tone
You might forget to turn your phone to silent mode… suddenly, your favourite rock anthem shakes the very foundations of the meeting room! Whether you’re in a meeting or not, you should always set an appropriate ring tone to convey a professional image.
Rule #4: Take calls in private
If you really need to take an urgent or personal call, politely excuse yourself from the meeting room and find a private location.
Rule #5: Be mindful
A lot of us are in the habit of checking our mobile phones subconsciously. To avoid being distracted from the meeting’s agenda, the solution is to wilfully fight the urge. It might also be a good idea to leave your phone at home – you can then give the meeting your 100% full attention.
Mobile phones can be an acceptable part of meeting, providing they are used appropriately! Call 0800 073 0499 to enjoy the most techno-savvy meeting rooms in London! Who needs a mobile anyway?

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