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Bored with standard office chairs? What are your options when it comes to choosing seating for meetings?

Meetings don’t need to be stuck in the past – they should reflect the modern and mobile way we live, play and work.

Business People Sitting in Bean bag Chairs and Looking at a Laptop

Have some fun with seating to liven things up a bit. Just by incorporating casual, contemporary and quirky styles you can inspire participants to open up more and spark creativity.

These ideas show how seating can be used to alter the vibe…

Comfy sofas
As workplaces become more collaborative, there’s a greater need for informal meeting areas where people can brainstorm in a relaxed environment.

With meetings that only involve a small number of people, all that’s needed is a small flexible private space.

A couple of sofas with a table in between can provide a much more effective use of space than a conventional meeting room. Plus, the sofas can be moved around your ‘break-out zone’ if needs be.

Bean bags
Virtually every home had a bean bag chair in the 80s. And now they’ve finally made their way into the office.

You can use them to create a cosy and relaxing environment for informal meetings, although you have to bear in mind that anyone with mobility issues might find them a struggle.

Bean bags can be used individually or mixed with sofas to create a lounge feel, which automatically makes people feel more at home than in a traditional meeting setting. And with a wide range of colours, they can certainly brighten up the office.

It’s well-known that sitting for long periods at work is linked to a host of health problems, including heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Consultation Behind Glass Wall

This, of course, can affect staff sickness rates, so it pays to keep employees as healthy as possible. That’s why many firms have turned to stand-up meetings instead of sit-down ones to get people up and out of their chairs.

You could take this idea even further by taking your team outside for walking meetings. With no dull PowerPoint presentations to sit through, there’s more time to chat. It doesn’t really work for large groups though.

Balance balls
The use of exercise balls as seating is another way to incorporate wellness into meetings. They build core strength as the body has to respond to the instability of the ball and balance.

The idea is that they promote physical and mental wellbeing by improving posture and relieving stress. If you want, you could even consider having yoga sessions before meetings.

Why not bring the beach to the meeting room? If you’re short of space, inflatable chairs could be the answer.

You can pump them up when you need them for meetings and, once you’re done, quickly deflate them and store them away for next time. Inflatables also bring a bit of fun to your office.

Funky shaped seating
Modern shapes and bold colours are an increasingly popular trend at meetings and conferences.

Lego-inspired pieces, edgy designs, pod styles, cubes and cut-outs can bring out the best in creative types.

Consider mixing and matching different collections to create an innovative layout for your next meeting.

Posted by Sara Cano

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