The benefits of using a meeting room

Business meetings are highly important, even in this digital age.

Nothing can beat the benefits of face-to-face meetings for building better relationships between employees, encouraging collaboration and pitching ideas to clients.

In order to host a successful and productive meeting, you need sufficient office space. If you’re managing a small business, or simply don’t have enough free office space, hiring a meeting room is the solution to making your event a success.

There are multiple benefits to hiring a meeting room – but if you’re not convinced, read on to find out how your business can benefit.


Improving productivity
Hiring a meeting room is less stressful than trying to organise a gathering at your workplace. When you have a designated place to meet away from the office, for a set period of time, it can reduce the hassle for everyone.

As an organiser, making sure the in-demand boardroom at your workplace is free can be a headache. Then, experiencing interruptions from colleagues who aren’t attending, but who know you’re still on-site, can also be frustrating – as can waiting for last-minute attendees to arrive!

From the delegates’ point of view, the likelihood is they may be in their office just down the corridor, rushing to complete a task and watching the clock, hoping they have time to rush to the meeting in 30 seconds so they’re not late.

Hiring an off-site meeting room and having everyone arrive to a warm welcome with free-flow teas and coffee is much more civilised. A happy and stress-free workforce is a productive one – so you’ll be on top of things from the get-go.

Making memorable meetings
It’s easier to make a memorable meeting when you hire a meeting room away from your office. Changing your environment can inspire creativity among your employees, which can help bring out new ideas. You can do things differently to create a more energised mood than the norm.

For example, invite delegates to dress casually, to make everyone feel more relaxed and comfortable. This can re-energise people who may appreciate a change of scenery. Present things differently using all the available equipment, as you will find most modern meeting rooms have the latest tech to benefit users.

Split the delegates into breakout groups, plan collaborative ice-breakers, organise presentations that encourage participants to interact and have shorter sessions with breaks in between, as this will encourage networking and let people stretch their legs.

Mix up the seating, rather than having people sitting in straight rows, to make everyone feel comfortable. Provide healthy drink and snack options that will boost energy, rather than offering sugary cakes that are likely to bring on the “mid-afternoon lull” two hours later.

Using a meeting room can have a positive effect on team-building, creating benefits for your team’s communication, productivity and job satisfaction. A professional venue, with well-organised, executive leadership, is the key to making team-building an effective tool.

Hosting a successful meeting can build and strengthen interpersonal relationships to unite the team members. It can align attendees with the common goal of achieving the company’s vision. Providing an ideal environment to enjoy team-building activities and become more collaborative gives everyone a positive vibe.

If the team members normally meet only briefly in the office, there is the possibility that they lack any real connection, possibly feeling out of sync with each other. This may lead to stifled communication. Bringing everyone together, away from the usual office environment, can improve connections and ultimately improve performance.

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