The Boss’ Christmas ‘Gifts’

It’s Chrrrissstmaaassss! Have you been thoughtful enough to find gifts for your employees to reward them for a job well done this year…?

These gifts don’t necessarily need to be cash bonuses or other incentives:

Gift of freedom

Let your employees do their own jobs at their own pace and using their own strategies. If you have ever been in your employees’ position before, you will understand how it feels to be able to get on with your work freely – let employees put their own signatures on their work projects.

Boss Gift

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Gift of self-rule

Once you have established targets, goals and deadlines, let employees ’do their own thing.’ They will appreciate the space and will probably get on with their work a lot better if they don’t feel like they have to keep looking over their shoulder.

Gift of attention

This might sound like I am contradicting the previous point but there are times when an employee is yearning for the boss’s time and attention. Whether it’s to enquire about a business processes, ask about task performance or if they just want a chat about mundane matters, always give your employees the time they deserve. It’ll pay dividends… you’ll see!

Gift of respect

Do not go out on a whim enforcing new rules and policies during a meeting – you wouldn’t want to come across as being a bit of a tyrant to your dear employees, would you? Whenever you are imparting new procedures, ask everyone in the meeting if they agree – and allow them to comment. When you respect their roles and ideas, employees will care more for the company.

Gift of borderlines
There are some employees who are naturally easy to get along with but this doesn’t mean that you can enter their personal lives inadmissibly.

Gift of being humane
Nothing triggers an employees’ internal rage more than when bosses treat them like robots or machines. Sometimes you should put yourself in their shoes to see if their tasks and work commitments are actually within the realms of possibility.

Gift of trust

Make yourself a trustworthy leader by talking more openly during meetings. Bring up sensitive issues that need to be tackled and encourage employees to speak up. If pressing matters need to be tackled, call 0800 073 0499 and arrange a meeting room in London so that you can get the team together for a group discussion on neutral territory. You will surely achieve a favourable outcome!

These ‘gifts’ should not stop after the Christmas decorations come down – good role models and great bosses will give them freely throughout the year.

Tis the season of goodwill to all men… and women!

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