INFOGRAPHIC: The different roles in a business meeting

The Different Roles in a Business Meeting

Part of the preparations required for the conveyance of a successful meeting will include determining which person will best suit a given role. Before deciding on who should represent your company… it is important that you understand the responsibilities that each role demands.

1. Chairperson
The chairperson is the ‘leader’ of the meeting. Charged with organising the whole pre and post process of the gathering – such as planning the meeting, inviting the relevant speakers and the delivery of the final expectations – this role is quite a responsibility.

2. Facilitator
A meeting facilitator should maintain the focus of the agenda; ensuring that the meeting is progressing well and according to plan. The facilitator should also remain neutral throughout the meeting, keenly drawing out opinions from every member.

3. Minute-Taker
The minute-taker records the meeting’s minutes, noting down all of the key points that have been discussed – this may include the topics covered, the decisions agreed upon and the ‘who-what-when’ details of the deliberated tasks.

4. Time-Keeper
The time-keeper intricately monitors the allocated time set per agenda point. They will also remind the facilitator regarding the remaining time left for discussion — ensuring that the meeting is always on track.

5. Participants
A meeting would not be complete without the attendees. They are expected to actively participate in the discussions; listening and suggesting ideas that could contribute greatly to the outcome of the meeting.



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