INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Tips to Solve the Monday Morning Blues

Infographic: 4 Tips to Solve the Monday Morning Blues

There is an ongoing global pandemic in office environments and there is still no known antidote to cure it. Does this mean the end of the office world…? Do not brandish the white flag at your desks just yet!

The Case of the Monday morning blues is not an unsolvable mystery nor an incurable disease – there are some things you can do to bring back life to the dreaded Monday morning!

Rest well on a Sunday night
If you see someone (or it could be you!) having the blues on the very first day of the working week, find out how their Sunday night went. Some workers max out their weekends until Sunday night, causing them to function like zombies during the Monday morning meeting.

Try to persuade them to take adequate rest before facing the new working week!

Start the week with physical activity
Wait until you get to your desk! Seeing your workload in the flesh might overwhelm you at first glance, so try to step away for a minute and take a short walk.

Get some fresh air and plan your tasks during your coffee breaks. After the day’s work, hit the gym if you can – keeping physical and mentally strong will help you to triumph over the week ahead!

Plan ahead
It’s bad enough to start Monday with a lack of energy but it becomes much worse when you can’t remember where you are with your own tasks. Before you are faced with everyone in the meeting, take the time to set attainable goals for the week. Snap out of exhaustion mode and focus on completing your tasks efficiently.

Boredom is the enemy
There are many things that cause boredom at work:
• Non-work related distractions
• Facebook (or any social media)
• Too much anticipation and excitement for the coming Friday

Beat the boredom by putting aside any kind of distraction. Focus and be consumed with your tasks one at a time. Work hard all week, clock out on Friday and then celebrate all you want!

Commit yourself to your work the whole week through and before you know it, Friday will be around again! Call &Meetings on 0800 073 0499 and rely on any of our meeting rooms in London for some Monday motivation!


Posted by Sara Cano


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