Top 10 Social Media No-no’s

Love it or hate it, Facebook is a phenomenon that few have been able to resist and a marketing tool that businesses fail to embrace at their peril. Today (4th February) Facebook celebrates its first decade, but for all its popularity and that of other social media platforms, there are numerous pitfalls to avoid if you wish to retain ‘followers’.

4 Very Popular Social Media Icons

1. The cryptic status writers: This is a blatant attention seeking tactic and it’s annoying. If you want to say something, please just do so.

2. The diet and exercise show-offs: No one actually cares about how much weight people are losing or how much muscle they are gaining, best restrict these posts to specialist groups or pages.

3. The meal time photographers: This is plain boring, no one is interested in the carefully balanced and ultra-nutritious meals you may have prepared, particularly when they are tucking in to a Big Mac. Unless your name is Nigella, Gordon or Jamie, no one wants to know.

4. The game inviters: If people want to play silly social media games they are perfectly capable of finding them themselves. Also no one wants to know what your Candy Crush score is or if your virtual farm is prospering.

5. The proud parents: A photo to announce the birth and the occasional monumental or amusing update is acceptable, but a daily photo diary of your child’s every waking moment is simply irritating.

6. Bodily functions and gruesome accidents: Who really wants to see the blisters from the marathon you just ran, or share the experience of your half severed finger from a kitchen incident, please reserve these images for medical professionals.

7. The checker inners: John Smith is at Heathrow Airport, Jane Brown is at the O2, no one needs, nor do they wish to know.

8. The event spammers: Night life promoters can keep their silly events to themselves, it is one thing to promote an event but total overkill to tweet about it every 10 minutes, you will lose followers.

9. The serial ‘Liker’: Liking and commenting too frequently could be misinterpreted as stalking. Keep it to a moderate level or it can be creepy.

10. The self-promoter: Promoting yourself and what you are doing is a big no-no. People are happy for you when you succeed but will latch on and just like it without forcing the issue.

Happy Birthday Facebook!


Posted by Marcus Freeman


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