Unusual meeting venues

A great venue can liven up the most boring of meetings, but how about these locations around the world? If you fancy a unique experience (and you’ve got the budget to spare), these venues are definitely memorable. From dangling under a crane to sitting on an ice stool – there’s something to entertain everyone at these meeting locations.

The Ice Hotel, Sweden
There’ll be no chance of anyone nodding off during a meeting at this venue. Built entirely from snow and ice, the Ice Hotel in the village of Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, is a popular destination for tourists and business delegates. You can hold your meeting around an ice table and sit in ice chairs covered with fur throws. And why not combine your visit with a trip in a dog sled or snowmobile to see the Northern Lights? You’ll definitely come away feeling inspired – if not a little chilly.

A Dark Blue, Cavern-like Room with Variously Shaped Objects Around the RoomImage courtesy of Paulina Holmgren

Dinner in the Sky
If your meetings are getting boring, you could liven them up by suspending delegates 100 feet in the air. Dinner in the Sky is a purpose-built platform that can seat up 22 guests – with a personal chef to prepare them dinner as they enjoy breath-taking views of the location. It’s certainly a memorable experience, and meeting participants are sure to come up with some creative ideas while ‘floating’ off the ground.

Dinner in the Sky is available in 35 countries worldwide and can be hosted anywhere in the UK or Ireland. All you need is a big enough space (minimum of 35 metres x 20 metres) for the Sky platform to operate.

Cabinet War Rooms
What could be more inspiring than holding your meeting in Winston Churchill’s wartime bunker? The War Cabinet Rooms, a group of basement offices in Whitehall, are an underground warren of rooms where Churchill and his ministers plotted their strategy during the Second World War. You can see the actual chair where he sat during meetings and get inspired for leading your own meeting Churchill-style. “We shall fight them on the beaches…”

The Tall Ship in Glasgow Harbour
Standing proudly on the River Clyde next to Glasgow’s Riverside Museum, the Tall Ship is a unique venue that can host up to 216 guests for a formal seated dinner or meeting. Functions can be held below deck or on the main deck if the weather is good. Named the “Glenlee”, the ship was built in 1896 in the docks of the Clyde. It’s one of the last surviving Clyde-built ships that’s still afloat – and is definitely a fascinating place to hold a meeting. Just don’t chuck anyone overboard if you don’t agree with them during the meeting.

Large Boat in Water Next to a Large Modern Building

A football club
If you or your business colleagues or clients are football fans, how about organising an event at your favourite club for a memorable meeting? Many clubs offer executive packages for conferences and events – and you could even get a behind-the-scenes stadium tour. You’ll just have to make sure that your presentation is brilliant enough to keep everyone interested – or they’ll be gazing at the pitch imagining scoring the winning goal.


Posted by Julie Tucker

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