How to use your ‘powers’ in meetings

It is fascinating to know that every single person in the workplace can influence anyone and everyone.

Being powerful is quite an obvious trait of people who hold top management positions; it is more surprising that even the most conservative employees have powers. Yes, that means YOU!

Coercive power
People who lead by threats and force have coercive power – this kind of power makes colleagues listen and follow because of the fear of punishment. Some might view these people as being great motivators but they have no real place in business meetings.

More often than not, people who fall under this category are totally oblivious to their “power.” A self-assessment would be useful. If you feel that you are becoming this type of employee, then maybe it’s high time to rethink your approach.

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Reward power
Offering raises, promotions and rewards are better ways to initiate cooperation. Not only are they more rewarding for work in general, these incentives can also benefit meetings.

Conducting short recognition ceremonies before officially starting a meeting is a fail-safe way to lifting everyone’s spirits. It stimulates a lighter vibe and encourages everyone to participate!

Expert power
A colleague who displays SUPERIOR skills, knowledge and intellect is perceived as an expert but why be left in awe and admiration when you too can be that person?

Keep meetings mentally entertaining and interesting by exchanging intellectual opinions and discourse. Be careful not to overdo it, as you don’t want to be labelled a smart alec! Keep everything in tasteful moderation.

Informational power
You don’t have to read books to be that super smart guy at the office – text book knowledge doesn’t equate to knowing what’s important. You can always be the person in the meeting who provides the common sense!

Connection power
When you have access to elusive information, you are likely the person who has influence and connection with persons of interest. You are all about connecting people – sounds like a mobile phone slogan but YES, that is your POWERFUL role in the meeting!

You help meetings move forward by identifying the key candidates who can help with the business needs and requirements.

Referent power
People who possess a natural sense of acceptance and approval are blessed with referent power. They are usually charismatic, respectable and easily trusted. They sincerely have all the positive qualities!

If this sounds like you; everyone knows that you are all about truth and goodness, so getting the attention of everyone in the meeting is not difficult for you.

Your power in business meetings should not impose corporate slavery – which eventually produces forced results. Use your powers to become more effective and to boost everyone’s morale! Contact &Meetings on 0800 073 0499 and start your meeting as you mean to go on in our meeting rooms in London!


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