What to think about when booking meeting rooms in London

Organising a conference or event can be a challenging task. Perhaps the most important aspect is choosing a place to hold it.

The success of your event might depend upon the suitability of the venue. So what do event organisers and business managers need to consider when booking meeting rooms in London?

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Location is a priority. Many organisations make the mistake of simply selecting a venue which offers convenience for themselves and their employees. However, it is essential to also consider where attendees will be travelling from, and ensure you choose a location they can access easily. Venues should ideally be central and near to reliable transport links.


Agree a budget beforehand and work closely with venue organisers to put together a package to suit you.


Venue size is important. Too much space could give the impression of an under-subscribed conference, while too little can prove uncomfortable and hot for attendees. Confirm numbers well ahead of time. Don’t forget to factor in the space required for any specialist equipment you may be using. In addition, consider the running order for the day. Will you require one large room for the entire meeting or several smaller ones for smaller team briefings?


Food and drink will be an essential aspect for most meetings, especially where attendees have had to travel some distance to get there. Many venues offer different catering options which can be tailored to suit your needs.


The majority of meeting rooms in London will be accessible to those with disabilities. Many will also provide internet access and other basic equipment. However, it is vital to check this before you book.


For meetings and conferences that are due to start early in the day, take place over a number of days or are likely to run late into the evening, it is essential to check the availability of appropriate accommodation nearby. Delegates can then choose to commute or to stay locally.

Here at &Meetings, booking meeting rooms in London is easy. Whatever type of space you need, for whatever kind of event, we are committed to making sure your event is a success. So take a look at our choice of venues today or contact a member of our team for more information.


Posted by Ashleigh Sharp

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